FTC Registration & Payment Form

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FTC Registration Form

NOTE: Please WAIT after you click the “Submit Registration” button.

You will be redirected to a payment page, where you will pay $50 for the program plus a $1.85 processing fee.

You must pay for the program. Registrations without payment will be ignored.

DO NOT click the “back” button; DO NOT refresh your browser.

If you get an error message, please call us at (413) 586-8729.

Continue your registration here. PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS even if you have answered them on previous pages.

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Please review the schedules shown on the right toggle of the FTC page on our website, or as shown below, and choose a first & second choice for your the dates of your sessions. Enter your first & second date choices.

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Mondays, November 26 & December 3Mondays, January 7 & 14Mondays, March 4 & 11

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Mondays, January 7 & 14Mondays, March 4 & 11Mondays, April 8 & 22

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NOTES: After you click the "Submit Registration" button, please WAIT.
You will be redirected to the payment page. YOU MUST PAY for the program after you have registered.