Hampshire Conciliation Program

The Hampshire Conciliation Program is a service of the Hampshire County Bar Association. The Program provides conciliation services free of charge to parties with cases in the Hampshire Probate and Family Court. The program is open to you whether you are representing yourself or you have an attorney representing you.

Participation in the program is voluntary and confidential. Both parties must agree to participate in the Program.

If you decide to participate in the program, an experienced neutral attorney who has been trained as a conciliator will meet with both parties for approximately one hour and will assist you in settling the case by clarifying the issues and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each side of the case.

If the case is not settled, he or she will explore the steps which remain to prepare your case for trial. You will not be required to make any offers or concessions and there is no penalty for failure to settle your case.

The Program is open to parties with family law cases, including divorce, modification, paternity, guardianship of minors and guardianship of adults. It is also available for cases involving contested probate matters.

You or your lawyer may request a referral to the Hampshire Conciliation Program. Conciliation sessions are available three Tuesdays per month.

You may register as part of the Case Management Conference or at any time by contacting Jill Kelley at 413-586-8500 ext.112, or via email.

January - June 2024

Attorneys available for Conciliation Sessions

2/6 – Devlin Farmer

3/5 – TBA

4/2 – Laura Arbeitman

5/7 – TBA

6/4 – TBA

July - December 2024

Attorneys available for Conciliation Sessions