Only One Childhood (O1C)

***   Program is NO longer available.   ***

When parents communicate with each other, good things can happen.

O1C is a communication skills program for separated and divorced parents who have previously completed a court-mandated parent education program. Learn parent communication skills, which can help you solve problems faster, save money by avoiding long court battles, and create a calmer atmosphere for your child and for yourself. More than 85% of O1C parents say they have learned to resolve conflicts productively, including:

  • Managing emotions carefully, and choosing words carefully
  • Fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Using conflict resolution skills consistently
  • Focusing on common ground and on the present, not the past
  • Using “I” statements rather than “you” statements

Parents attend six, 2-hour sessions together. Parents can communicate with each other about tough issues and receive support and feedback from other parents in a safe and supportive environment. The cost of the class is $395 per parent; if the situations warrants it, the Court will set a different fee based on a parent’s financial conditions.

Please read the important information on this page about scheduling, registration and payment, as well as requirements for attending O1C classes.

O1C graduates report great success with this program.

Parents talk about what they learned:
“Learning to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Using “I” statements, learning to communicate more effectively with everyone who crossed my path, and to not respond when angry.”
“Helped me see ways that I was communicating that could be done much better.”
“I learned it’s about the kids, not me and her.”
“Having other people there in similar situations and seeing how they handle things.”
“Communicating with my ex-husband after years of silence. The program broke the cold hard ice and was a first step for us for better oral communication! Hopefully it lasts!”
“It forced my ex and I to communicate without lawyers present.”
“Understanding the negative effects on children when parents are in conflict.”
“Allowing my ex and I to be in close proximity in a safe, structured environment and at time feeling some optimism about making progress for the future.”

Register for O1C

If you would like to participate in the Only One Childhood / O1C Program, please call us at (413) 586-8729.

Once you’ve completed the intake, mail it back with your check payable to HCBA, 15 Gothic Street, Suite 10, Northampton, MA 01060. To pay online, please select the button at right.

Pay for O1C

Once you’ve completed your intake, you can email it to [email protected] and pay online via PayPal, please select the payment below. A processing fee of $12.10 has been automatically added to the $395.00 payment amount.

O1C Fee

Important Information for O1C Class Sessions