Domestic Relations Program for Children (DRPC)

The Domestic Relations Program for Children (DRPC) provides representation on behalf of children who do not qualify for CPCS or Community Legal Aid.

The Domestic Relations Program for Children receives funding from the Massachusetts Bar Foundation to provide attorneys who will represent children on a reduced fee basis in domestic relations matters in Probate Court. This program meets the needs of children who otherwise would have no advocacy in highly sensitive proceedings.

This program is specifically for children in Hampshire County. The Hampshire Probate and Family Court judges refer children to the Domestic Relations Program for Children. Recommendations for representation can be made to the judge by a motion filed by an attorney involved in the case, with an administrative recommendation from the Probate Clerk or Probation staff or by motion from any party.

All cases are to be heard in the Hampshire Probate & Family Court and must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Divorce and Separate Support, including any necessary temporary orders
  2. Custody and Support of Minor Children
  3. Enforcement and Modification of Existing Orders
  4. 209 A Petitions

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