Lawyer Referrals and Attorney Resources for Western Massachusetts

The Hampshire County Bar Association is a service organization composed of attorneys and dedicated to improving the quality of the practice of law in this county, by providing support to the community, the bench, and the bar on issues that are relevant to the local community. We are one of the most respected small bar associations in Massachusetts. We are proud to be a responsive, innovative and active association, whose members take leadership roles in issues facing the legal community.

The Hampshire County Bar Association offers many services and programs to the local community such as the the Hampshire Conciliation Program, Hampshire Elder Law Program, and Domestic Relations Program for Children.

The Hampshire County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service helps people who need legal assistance in the Northampton / Amherst area and throughout Western Massachusetts find an appropriate attorney who has an office local to them and is highly qualified in the area of law in which the client needs help.

We are grateful for our sustaining members, who pay additional fees each year to help maintain the Hampshire County Bar Association, our programs and projects, and our mission. Click the toggle below to read the current list of sustaining members.
* Sustaining Member over 2 consecutive years

Laura Arbeitman *
Robert Astor *
Bacon Wilson P.C. *
Hosea Baskin
Andrew Batchelor
Jessica Berrien *
Hon. Henry J. Boroff (Ret.) *
Valerie J. Botter *
Miriam Krell Bourke *
Bulkley, Richardson, Gelinas LLP *
Robert Cannon
Michael J. Carey *
Hon. Richard J. Carey *
Hon. Judd J. Carhart (Ret.) *
Alfred P. Chamberland *
Phillip Ciccarelli *
Sean J. Cleary *
Francis E. Collins *
Hon. James E. Collins (Ret.)
Hon. Jacklyn M. Connly *
Hon. Beth A. Crawford *
John DiBartolo *
Charles DiMare *
Donerty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy
John W. Drake *
Esser, Kent, P.C. *
Hon. Linda S. Fidnick *
Fierst Bloomberg Ohm, LLP *
Steven E. Gagne *
Claudette-Jean Girard *
Hon. W. Michael Goggins *
Everald O. Henry *
Hon. Herbert H. Hodos (Ret.) *
Mary Ellen Niles Howard *
Hon. Bertha Josephson (Ret.) *
Hon. Jonathan J. Kane *
Hon. Elizabeth D. Katz *
Oran Kaufman *
Kevin J. Kelley *
Amanda Zedonis Kemp *
Hon. C. Jeffrey Kinder *
Lori Landers-Carvalho
Rachel K. Lauder
Lesser, Newman, Aleo & Nasser, LLP *
Hon. Mark D. Mason *
Hon. Mark G. Mastroianni
Richard Maynard *
John D. McNally *
Hon. Bruce S. Melikian *
Keith Minoff
David G. Mintz *
Thomas Miranda *
Hon. Michael E. Mulcahy *
Hon. Jane Mulqueen *
Hon. Kenneth P. Neiman (Ret.) *
Olin & Lippiello, LLP *
Hon. Nicholas L. Parsenios
Hon. Gail L. Perlman, (Ret.) *
Hon. Judith J. Phillips *
Reall, Lucentini & Lucintini *
Reilly Law Office
Hon. David S. Ross *
Hon. Mary-Lou Rup *
Hon. Patrick S. Sabbs *
Alan Seewald *
Alan Nathanson Sharpe *
Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C.
Hon. Matthew J. Shea *
Andrew Siegel *
Jennifer Suhl
NWDA David E. Sullivan *
Jeffrey J. Trapani *
Hon. Ariane D. Vuono *
Renee Wetstein *
Hon. Geoffrey A. Wilson (Ret.) *
James B. Winston *
Zurn, Sharp & Heyman, LLP *

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