Lawyer for a Day Program – Probate & Family

The Hampshire Probate and Family Court and the Hampshire County Bar Association sponsor the “Hampshire Community Legal Education Program“, also known as our “Lawyer for the Day” program. This program is designed to assist individuals — on a limited basis — who have a case filed or to be filed in the Hampshire Probate and Family Court.

Third Wednesday of every month, a lawyer will be present at the Hampshire Probate Court to meet with individuals for thirty minutes and will give that person assistance with:

  • Determining what type of pleadings to file.
  • Selection and completion of any required forms.
  • The procedure for providing proper service to interested parties.
  • Anticipating and responding to future steps in the process.
  • Suggestions for properly presenting the case before the Court.

How it Works

To apply for the program, interested parties must complete and sign the Application for Assistance form, which is available at the Registry of Probate. The applicant can then sign up for the next available session.

The Hampshire Community Legal Education Program will not become involved in any complex legal matters.

All lawyers in this program are volunteers and will receive no compensation for their participation. Therefore, the lawyer has sole discretion to refuse to meet with anyone, for any reason, and/or to limit the time they spend with any person.

No one will be allowed to meet with the lawyer in the Hampshire Community Legal Education Program more than once. This program is intended as an educational opportunity regarding your case.

There will be no lawyer/client relationship as a result of meeting with a lawyer from this program. The lawyer will not have any responsibility to act as a lawyer for the program participant for any purpose.

January - June 2024

LFD Schedule – Northampton:

2/21 – TBA

3/20 – Devlin Farmer

4/17 – TBA

5/15 – Laura Arbeitman

6/18 (Holiday Alternate) – TBA

LFD Schedule – Belchertown:

2/1 – Lisa Kent

3/7 – TBA

4/4 – TBA

5/2 – TBA

6/6 – TBA

Lawyer for a Day – Housing Court

Housing Court Lawyer for a Day provides income-eligible landlords and tenants with free legal assistance in Housing Court every Monday, which is the Summary Process/Eviction day in Hampshire County.

The Lawyer for the Day may be called upon to file a court appearance, on the day they volunteer for that day only, in order to represent the client in their eviction case.  The attorney volunteers may also advocate for the clients through mediation with a court specialist.

To find out more about Housing Court Lawyer for a Day, please call (413) 586-8729.

If you make an appointment with the Hampshire Community Legal Education / Lawyer for a Day Program, please be aware that the attorney’s time is valuable.

Should you fail to keep the appointment OR to call in advance to cancel the appointment, you will not be able to take advantage of this service again.

To cancel your appointment, please contact the Registry at (413) 586-8500 x0 at least 24 hours in advance.